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Speaking of logistics and warehouse of ships on shore, it would definitely remind us of the most common thing that are related to those two, which is the cargo handling. It is undeniable that cargo handling is the most important thing that should be taken care of because it is the life of all transportation activities in the logistics and warehouse department. Hence why we need to be more aware and particular in deciding the compulsory equipment that is going to be used. However, do you know where you can find them especially if you are in the Tok Bali area? Make sure to follow up this article to know the best cargo handling equipment in Tok Bali

As said above, some of us probably think that equipment won’t matter if the manpower is great enough in handling cargo. But, did you know that it can have a negative impact if the equipment is low in quality? This is why Altus Malaysia, as the oilfield solution, came out with offers for a great quality of cargo handling equipment that you could get in Tok Bali.

Essential things that you should know about cargo handling 

What is cargo handling on ships?

Cargo handling is basically a whole process of loading and unloading cargo, transporting cargo, warehousing, picking and also sorting. All of these transportation activities mostly will be done in the warehouse or logistic department. Cargo handling on ships will require the usage of lifting equipment such as wire rope, wire rope slings, the hooks, forklifts and also cranes.

Types of Cargo that important for you know

  • The container’s cargo.
  • The dry bulk cargo.
  • The liquid bulk cargo.
  • The break bulk cargo.
  • The roll-on roll off cargo.
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What is the most common cargo handling equipment?

In cargo handling, usually there are several common handling cargo equipment that will be involved, they are;

  • Mobile cranes.
  • Rubber-tired gantry cranes.
  • Yard trucks.
  • Top handlers.
  • Side handlers.
  • Reach stackers.
  • Forklifts.
  • Loaders.
  • Sweepers.
  • Aerial lifts.
  • Excavators.
  • Dozers.

Safety tips in handling cargo on ships you must know

Safety would always be the first thing to look at no matter wherever you are, especially when you are working offshore. Same thing goes to when you are handling cargo on ships too, so here are the safety tips that you shall be aware of:

  • Always wear your protection and safety equipment.
  • Make sure the cargo is secured.
  • Use the correct way to use all the lifting equipment.
  • Do not stand under or near the hoisted cargo.
  • Check before entering the enclosed spaces.
  • Refer to the experts/supervisor if there are problems.

The importance of proper cargo handling on ships

We could find so much importance of proper cargo handling on ships, the first one would be because it is crucial to make sure all cargo arrives safely. Not just that, proper cargo handling also can avoid any unwanted accidents to both of the goods, cargo and the staff itself throughout the process.

Why Altus Malaysia?

In order to achieve excellent cargo handling, the equipment usage also must be on point. It is somehow very important too to pick and choose the best equipment either for the safety of the cargo, or the off-shore workers. This is a complete sign for you to start looking at the best cargo equipment here

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