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Using a cold storage facility has both advantages and disadvantages

image 3 - Using a cold storage facility has both advantages and disadvantages

Cold storage is a highly sought-after service in the Moscow market, and the demand for it develops gradually over time. In part, this is due to the desire of business owners to save money on non-essential expenditures and the availability of a wide variety of items that don’t have special warehouse arrangements. Choosing the food storage containers Malaysia is perfect in this case.

Cold container storage has several advantages over other types of storage

One of the city’s largest providers of cold storage containers, the company is always seeking to enhance both its service and the amount of space it offers for rent in Moscow’s most heavily populated areas. Warm storage is more expensive than non-heated storage for many things, as we know, and there is an increasing need for cold storage facilities in the marketplace. There are several advantages to investing in this kind of business property, the most significant of which are the following:

Low-cost rent each month

image 5 - Using a cold storage facility has both advantages and disadvantages

It is possible to implement a flexible pricing policy for containers that are used for storage because there are no heating or maintenance costs for capital buildings (like a large hangar, for example) and because it is possible to rent an area as small as one square metre, resulting in “delicious” prices.

Constraints of the rented property

A container’s ability to withstand water infiltration is critical since it was originally built for marine transit.

Defined geographic areas

A wide range of storage choices is now available, including cells (boxes) of one square metres, mini-warehouses of six square metres and three square metres, as well as containers of 15 square metres. When it comes to a small online business, shipping containers may also be utilised as a temporary storage facility for furniture and office equipment, as well as for the organisation of small production, such as a recording studio, repair shop, or delivery point. Container platforms near metro stations and other suburban public transportation terminals would provide an additional advantage in the second scenario

When keeping products in cold containers, there are certain drawbacks

One of the most significant limitations of a cold storage container—and maybe the only one—is that it cannot be used for storing all kinds of goods. Paints, solvents, and any other liquids cannot be kept within the construction materials sector, including bulk materials (such as plaster mixes or self-levelling floors). Restrictions are largely related to a significant risk of loss of building quality due to seasonal temperature variations and probable dampening of building materials. The limits are in place because of this. For the same reasons why it is not recommended to preserve cereal, it is not recommended to store food, cereal, or flowers.


Hire a cold storage container costs to vary based on how long you need it and how much capacity you need to keep your products or commodities. The cheapest option will only cost you fifty rubles a day in maintenance fees and other associated expenditures. You may hire a one-square-meter cell for this price and keep things like tyres or the archives of a small firm. It is important to emphasise that the price indicated here is not a marketing ploy to hide the need for the longest possible lease duration and unique payment arrangements. To be eligible for this price, you just only rent a mobile device for a period of thirty days.

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