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While people these days can’t seem to agree on much, a good old-fashioned orgasm is something that almost everyone can agree on. Fortunately, we live in the golden age of technology, which has revolutionised the sexual wellness industry in ways we’ve never seen before. While technology is designed to make our lives easier, it can sometimes cause confusion and overwhelm. Take the “universal remote,” for example. In what universe is that device simple to operate!? Sex toys may be perplexing, with anything from clitoral stimulators and magic wands to dildos and app-controlled vibrators. If you’re intrigued but don’t want to ask, here’s our list of 12 different sorts of sex toys. (Please notice that this is an NSFW list.)

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  1. Vibrators

The Hitachi Original is most people’s first thought when they think of a classic vibrator. Wands are wonderful for clitoral stimulation and often have a wide range of vibrations that may speed up to quite a fast pace. They were once disguised by housewives as neck or shoulder massagers (lol). A wand is a no-brainer if strong stimulation is a surefire method to get off.

Other than that, rabbit vibrators are a fantastic method to stimulate your clitoris while also enjoying the penetration. The clitoral stimulator is regarded as a classic sex toy, especially after the memorable Sex & The City episode where Charlotte refuses to leave her apartment after obtaining her own. Penetration is a popular pastime just after a clitoral climax, and this gadget caters to that need.

Clitoral vibrators pulsate at different speeds to increase blood flow to your clitoris, increasing your chances of having a fantastic orgasm. Because clitoral vibrators stimulate the most sensitive part of your body, it’s a good idea to get one with a variety of speeds to warm up.

Finger vibrators are a great approach to get to know your own body or your partner’s sensitive places because they are worn around the finger like a ring. Putting one on adds a fresh dimension to the mix that can elevate a sexual experience to new heights. A finger vibrator may be used almost anywhere on the body, which opens up a world of possibilities for pleasure.

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  1. Dildos

Dildos are shaped like a penis and come in a variety of sizes, much like genuine things. A dildo is particularly useful since some are somewhat curved, which helps to trigger your g-spot or prostate, based on how you use it. Some are smooth, while others have rough ridges that aid in sexual pleasure.

  1. Penis Rings

A penis ring (sometimes known as a cock ring) is a silicone ring that is worn over the penis shaft. It’s suitable for hand and blow jobs, masturbation, and penetrative sex. Vibrating rings aid to maintain an erection while also stroking the vagina and clitoris during sex, making the experience more pleasurable for both participants. Pro tip: Choose a size that is comfortable for you, and remember to use enough lubrication before putting on the ring.

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