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The weather is a force of nature that all humans are subjected to. In Malaysia, the weather ranges from sunny, hot, and bright to rain, cold and humid. These conditions are natural because the country is located right above the equator. Malaysia regularly experiences tropical showers and sunny weather. 

Malaysia is also one of the countries that are affected by the northeast monsoon every year. During the three months of December, January, and February, the country experiences a period of severe rains. In turn, the temperatures will drop to an average of 22 degrees Celsius. 

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Since many Malaysians are affected by this weather, most houses also suffer the consequences. Some houses are equipped to handle the showers, but some are not. If you live in Malaysia, and your house belongs to the unequipped bunce, you should consider installing a rain gutter.

Here are two reasons why you should install rain gutters in your home. 

Reason 1: To protect the foundation of your home

The main purpose of a rain gutter is to redirect the rainwater away from the house. Water may not seem like a big deal, and it is not unless it keeps occurring over time. Continued water exposure may damage certain parts of a house. Without a proper rain gutter system, the rain might end up damaging your house’s overcoat and paint. 

Other than that, rain gutter systems also redirect rainfall to avoid it from pooling on your house. Homes are built to the best they can, but most houses are old, so their foundations are old as well. Pools of water that constantly appear can damage the foundation and structure of the house. Plus, avoiding pooling can also ensure that your sidewalks are safe to be walked on. There is no risk of slipping or falling. 

Reason 2: Prevent soil erosion

Another reason why you should install a rain gutter in your house is to protect your flower beds. If you have a green thumb and love planting flowers in your yard, you know that continuous water flow will affect the soil. Rain will flow from the roof to the garden bed, washing off soil every time which causes soil erosion. This, in turn, will cause puddling of water in your garden bed, ultimately drowning your flowers and plants.

Plus, soil erosion should not be taken lightly. If you do not take it seriously, it will cause your foundation to settle. Which will lead to cracked walls and uneven floors. 

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Rain Gutter Maintenance

Now that you are aware of the needs of rain gutters, you should also be aware of their maintenance. Most times, the rain gutter will be free from anything that might block it. But after weeks of dry weather, you can find almost anything in those gutters. There may be dry leaves, debris, or even animals such as bird nests. You should keep the downspouts clear of this debris, and you can do so by cleaning the gutters yourself or hiring a professional to do so. 

Install rain gutters in Malaysia to prevent foundation damage and soil erosion.

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