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Best PCs to use as Content Creators 

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It’s difficult to find a good laptop, let alone the finest laptop for writers. There are a lot of amazing laptops out there, as well as some bad ones. Some have uncomfortable keyboards, some are slow, and yet others have insufficient battery life. We developed a list of the best laptops for writers to help you pick a new writing laptop for yourself or as a gift for a writer, so you can be sure to buy one that is well-equipped to tackle your next blog post or novel. Continue reading to find out which ones we suggest.

Five best PCs for content creators 

  1. MacBook Air
MacBook 1024x683 - Best PCs to use as Content Creators 

The greatest laptop for content creation is the MacBook Air. Why? It’s exceptionally tiny and light, with a fantastic battery life that makes it great for carrying around with you. It also includes a fantastic keyboard. If you didn’t like the keyboards that came with prior MacBooks, you’ll be happy to know that Apple has significantly improved them with the MacBook Air, giving it a more tactile and pleasant keyboard to write on. It also has a great-looking screen that is easy on the eyes, making it an excellent pick for writers who will be writing on this item for extended periods of time.

  1. Surface Laptop 4
surface laptop 4 1024x576 - Best PCs to use as Content Creators 

If you want to treat yourself to a high-end laptop for writing, the Surface Laptop 4 is a good option. It has a fantastic keyboard and a stunning screen, and it’s also nicely made and designed, making it a delight to use. It’s slim and light, with long battery life, so you can carry it with you everywhere you go, and Windows 11 works extremely well. While it is more costly than the other laptops on our list, if you want a laptop that looks fantastic and performs excellently while making writing as pleasurable as possible, this is the laptop to acquire.

  1. HP Spectre X360 
HP Spectre X360 1024x576 - Best PCs to use as Content Creators 

While the external shell is the first thing you notice about the HP Spectre, the inside is as impressive. This year, HP’s 2-in-1 flagship laptop received a big (and much-needed) makeover, providing improved power and features to make it one of the finest writing laptops available. To begin with, the keyboard is incredibly comfy. It will allow you to write for hours on end without being tired. Second, the Intel 10th generation CPU ensures that you have plenty of computational capability to perform any writing or content production program. Although the battery life has decreased somewhat this year, the laptop should still last for more than 12 hours.

  1. Asus Zenbook
Asus Zenbook 1024x1024 - Best PCs to use as Content Creators 

The 14-inch multitouch screen on the laptop (yep, it can be touched!) The screen’s Intel Core i7 CPU and 16GB RAM provide rapid access to your most critical material. There’s also 512GB of SSD storage available. This laptop is also the lightest on the list, and it comes with a backlit keyboard. The touchscreen is the most significant distinction between this best laptop for writers and the others on the list. This is a huge benefit for most authors who need to archive their work on their computers right away. This laptop is ideal for anyone who needs to take notes by hand.  

  1. Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS 15 is back and better than ever, with a significant increase in specifications thanks to the RTX 3050, RT 3050Ti, and 3.5K OLED display choices. Dell is aiming for pro-level status here, maybe to compete with Apple’s M1-powered devices, and it’s nearly there.
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