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Shipping and tracking have taken on a new relevance during the time of the pandemic. Or for some of us, it has been the time of online shopping. It is an understatement to say that we now have a special relationship with online businesses. So many bloomed during this delicate time of being homebound. We can surely credit their blooming to a few outstanding qualities that differentiated them from their competition on the online platform. Amongst the many qualities, how brands held up with shipping and tracking made one of the biggest differences. Brands that partnered with shipping companies that used the the best marine company in Malaysia certainly stood out. 

Every brand has to alleviate the long process of shipping, which happens to be one of the most stressful parts of online shopping. We were used to waiting for a day or even weeks for our goods but the advancement in technologies and the digital shift has changed our perception. We expect better quality in the way the shipping experience is handled. Henceforth, the recent years have developed phenomena and a concept we know as branded shipping experience. 

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There are lots of things that can be branded. People, organizations, processes, products, and even ofcourse, shipping. Since branding is the process of assigning a special meaning, messages, and personality to an item, it does require more than just one component. The way we brand is also dependent on the overall marketing and business goals. So before we jump on how to brand, figure out why would want to put in the extra effort of providing branded shipping. How will it affect your customer and your overall brand image? 

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In order to provide a branded shipping experience you need to think of how you present the shipping goods, how it is delivered, the personal touches and even the color of the packaging. this seems like a little extravagant for many, after all, people just want to receive the product in its rightful condition. However, shopping has gotten a little more personal over the years. The branded packaging that was shipped and how the shipping experience contributes to the word of mouth and social media buzz. 

While it is important to create beautiful outer packaging and adding in your favorite personal touches like free gifts amongst others, people still dread slow shipping. Fast shipping is better than slow shipping that comes with free gifts. But this is also extremely dependent on the type of market you cater to and your loyal customer base. More often than not, people gauge their level of patience with the brand and the worthiness of shipping delays by the branding. If you are shipping a branded box, people are more willing to wait for it. But if not, the faster the shipping is the better it is. Because people are paying for the convenience over the brand. 

Ready to get your branded shipping experience going? Make sure to think about the ways you can enhance your consumer’s shopping experience and their perception of your brand. 

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