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The World Of Structural Steel Malaysia: How Did Steel Change Us?

Imagine that we are living in a world without steel and metal. That’s a world without any computers, airplanes, social media or NASA flying rockets into space. That is also a world without any literal bridges to cross, long road trips, and the occasional voyages to the beautiful outskirts of the Italian coastal side. Can we really imagine a world where we are not recording without our phones and enjoying the luxury of hotels? The need for Structural Steel Malaysia has been ingrained in society now. 

The foundation of the technological world and the innovative world is steel. The growth of steel has had tremendous impacts on the flourishing economy. In fact, the flourishment could be entirely credited to raw materials like rubber, steel, and so on. Malaysia was built on the likes of rubber and palm oil. In other parts of the world, it was the manufacturing, import, and export of steel. 

Steel production has massive effects because of its vital role in worldly functions. It is one of th more innovative solutions and partners to the world’s largest projects. Without steel we could not stand to see the beautiful Shards hotel in London and nor could we see the London bridge. Innovativeness lies with the help of steel production. 

On other hand, it is not only the major projects that are made with the help of steel. Steel production is also used to make our everyday gadgets like home appliances, kitchen gadgets, and bedroom essentials. 

Infrastructure is not the only thing that changed as a result of the steel industry and steel production.  Given the amazing capabilities of steel, its economic impact rippled throughout history. The steel industry is responsible for more than 100 million people’s jobs across the world. They help through the steel consumer industry, steel supply chain, and steel manufacturing as well. The industry requires a whole lot of manpower and it has created a living wage for more than a million people. The economic development of steel production has been enormous over the past decade. 

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However, the effect of steel has not only been positive over the past few years. We have to highlight the impact of step production on our environment as well. Every year, billions of steel are produced across the world and for each ad every production there is a significant impact on climate change. Steel is made from iron ore which is a natural resource that comes from the earth. About ninety percent of the iron ores that are mined are used in the steel production industry. The very energy-intensive process of mining iron ore causes toxic fumes to be released to the earth and creates water as well as air pollution. The steel industry also happens to be the one industry that is least energy conservative. The amount of energy that is used up is a direct correlation to the resign temperature, abnormal weather, increase in natural disasters, and rising water levels. 

This incredibly polluting industry is also important to do without. For the sake of economy and innovation, the world needs to find less energy-intensive processes for steel production and minimize the impact of its manufacturing on our society. 

Amir Jefri
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