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It has now been more than a year since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic. Our homes are well decorated in Dr. Clo Covid 19 sanitization sticks but no matter how many items we have splurged on for our safety and no matter how we used to them we are, we look forward to a day the pandemic ends. For good. 

Ending this pandemic has been our goal from the very beginning. While we wait, countries have gone into debt, millions are out of jobs, and even more, are sickened with being homebound. Sure, we love the convenience of working from home, reading, and having more time in the space of our bedroom. But it is not worth the replacement of our social aspects and having people face poverty as a result. There are so many people during this pandemic who are front liners. They do not have a choice to stay home and had to witness the death of hundreds every day. Some countries have been on a slow scope of recovery but even they are preparing for a potential fourth or fifth wave in case they decide to open the borders. Countries that meticulously kept the virus out of their country for more than a year are now facing its worst, like Malaysia. So it truly does make us wonder, will there be an end to this? If so, how will the pandemic end? 

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There are so many efforts that go into ending a global outbreak. Breaking out of this homebound situation and the viral infestation is impossible without physical and social distancing, consistent sanitizing, face masks, and most importantly vaccination programs. However, recovery goes a lot deeper than just these efforts. Unless society works as a group towards ending the pandemic, there is no way we can achieve the goal. 

Many are under the impression that staying home and physically distancing is enough to end the global pandemic. Unfortunately for many countries, citizens also believe that face masks are still a hoax and are a government conspiracy. They point fingers at the Chinese government as the virus originated within China and calls it nothing but a terror movement. But the reality is the covid 19 is real and getting everyone on board with the reality of it has still been a struggle. Most importantly it has been hindering every possible effort to immunize society against the covid 19. Immuziation through covid 19 vaccines and reaching herd immunity is the only possible way of recovering from the global pandemic. 

However, as time has progressed, we are learning that reaching herd immunity may not be all possible. Especially around the world. Some countries may succeed a lot easier than others at reaching herd immunity. So many factors go into how people approach vaccines. Despite the hindering factors, the only realistic end to the pandemic is that we may effectively turn it into a pandemic rather than a global issue. People may have to prepare to live with the virus as it mutates. Seems like a good Dr. Clo Covid 19 sterilization stick is an investment for our future. 

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