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Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, all our shopping has become online. This includes the shopping we do for our favorite pair of socks to bringing home chicken thighs and sausages for the grill. We even buy fresh fish online malaysia, much less the entire pantry list. 

With the amount of grocery shopping, we do both online and offline, it is not surprising to see grocery store influencers taking the spotlight. We have forgotten that influencers are not reserved for fashion and beauty but even for our everyday items. Influencer marketing has influenced the brand of cereal we get to the type of food we eat. People have switched from eating junk food to all organic while others have changed their entire lifestyle from being meat lovers to vegans. All of these decisions are, believe it or not, influenced by social media users. 

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The efficacies of paper coupons and the email list are now fading away as people switched to social media. The consumerism instincts people had when it comes to grocery shopping can be largely amplified with the help of influencer marketing. But this can be done so with strategic partnerships from the brands. 

Grocery store brands such as Walmart, target, and traders joe have been long in the standing for winning billboards and email marketing campaigns. But like many other shopping and retail brands, they have started to embrace influencer marketing and utilized grocery influencers. While grocery influencers do no happen to be so glamorous, they are addictive to the average consumer. Grocery influencers attract consumers of all different ages and genders. After all, grocery shopping is something that is enjoyed by everyone.

However, when it comes to the utilization of social media and grocery store influencers, it is important to remember what is the type of content they curate, what is their audience, and how effective are they at promoting brands

Grocery shopping is something that is familiar to all so it requires authenticity. When brands choose to work with influencers, they need to determine the level of authenticity the grocery store influencer will communicate. If people realize that grocery store influencers are getting paid to promote a chocolate spread rather than actually loving it, it might not have the same genuine impact of influencer marketing on social media. 

Grocery shopping involves a lot of emotions. Unlike your typical run to the shop for essentials or even clothes, grocery shopping elicits feelings such as happiness, fulfillment, and even love. This is because grocery shopping happens to be a bonding experience and a way to show love for many. When choosing a grocery store for our shopping experience, we look at different factors such as whether it is ethical, appealing, competent, and branded. Grocery store influencers help us shape the experience as they convey more information about the store brand and educate us. 

Whether we like it or not grocery store influencers are here to stay. We need their influence to run our business and even find small businesses that are worth our time and money. 

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