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Metals are the materials that we use in everything from housing, jewelry, utensils, computers, and many more. Metal is known to be a raw material that can be used to make many different things from it. But do you know? That there are many different types of metal and each type has different ways to used it. There are also many processes that are involved during the making of a product from metal, some of the processes are by using the precision machining Johor. This process is where the machine will remove all of the excess and raw materials from the finished products. 

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Here are some of the types of metals and what it is being used for. 

  1. Steel 

This is the most common metal and everyone knows about it. However, there are different types of steel and like the many types, each type is being used for different reasons. Some of the steel are carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Carbon steel is commonly being used in the world of construction and alloy steel is known to be one of the strongest steel so people will usually use it in the pipeline or a medical implant. And the last type of steel is stainless steel and it is commonly being used for utensils like forks, spoons, and knives. 

  1. Iron 

This metal is also considered to be one of the commonly used and heard metals. Iron is now being widely used in the cooking industry machine. Because of its characteristics that help in the cooking industry a lot of cooking stoves are made by using iron and other raw materials. 

  1. Aluminum 

If you haven’t realized we use aluminum almost every day in our lives. From flying in it to a soda can. This is because aluminum is considered a metal that has amazing strength and is easy to form into different shapes and materials. Besides that, aluminum doesn’t rot and that is why it is being used in making our soda can. However, despite its easing uses the process of creating aluminum is considered one of the hardest processes. Especially because aluminum is the only metal that doesn’t use an iron. 

  1. Copper 

Copper is known to be one of the oldest metals ever existed and that is why it is being used in a lot of different things. Such as pipelines, electronics, and also statues. The infamous Statue of Liberty is made from copper and that is why it is still standing still even after centuries. 

  1. Titanium 

No, it is not a song. Titanium is actually a modern metal and because of its characteristics that are corrosion resistance, it is being widely used in humans. Especially for medical implants. Corrosion resistance is when the metal has the ability to prevent environmental deterioration on its own. That is why titanium can be used in medical implants.

There are many different types of metals and their uses. Metal is extremely important in today’s world, it is being widely used in different important sectors. 

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