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For real estate think about your budget. First, you need to know how much you can and want to spend on your new home and how much you’ve already saved. Calculating this, your budget shouldn’t exceed 35% to 40% of your net monthly income.

Failure To Deliver The House In Perfect Condition

Just as your real estate agent must have a good relationship with you as a seller, he must of course also gain the confidence of the final buyers. It is particularly unfortunate if that trust is immediately violated after the sale has been concluded because the Puchong Jaya house for sale is not delivered in perfect condition.

How Will You Pay?

Remember that to buy a house in Italy you need an Italian bank account. For the puchong new condo purchase, this is important. There are a number of options:

One-time payment: the total sale price of the property is paid directly to the seller. Normally this is done via a bank check in their name which you hand over when signing the title deed. This method is not often used, but it is absolutely possible.

Apply for a mortgage: Get a mortgage, either at the Italian bank or at home, using the property itself as a guarantee. Depending on your age and other circumstances, terms can be up to 40 years, with banks usually borrowing 80% of the value of the house and the remaining 20% ​​paid by the buyer.

Mortgage subrogation: change the name of the payer from an existing mortgage on the property to your own name, take over all rights and obligations and make you the new payer. This must be applied for at the same bank where the mortgage was applied for. An advantage of this is that you save all the costs of a new mortgage, but you cannot adapt the terms and conditions to your own needs.

Decide How And Where You Want To Live

Think of new construction or an existing home, fenced or not, on the coast or in the city. You must choose the one that best suits your needs and personal situation.

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Visit The Accommodation

Get to know the neighbors of the Puchong condo and inspect the home and surroundings from head to toe. When you go to visit a home, take notes, check measurements, and take photos of everything. View the layout and orientation of the building, how much light and ventilation there is, the condition of the installations, the energy label, how much noise there is and the facilities in the area. Be thorough on your visit

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