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Technology has changed a lot of things in life. It has changed the way we consume food, music, and even travels. It changed the way we other people, businesses, and agencies. It also changed the scope of the environment drastically and has major impacts on biodiversity. Technology truly transformed every living being on earth. 

It is good to note that the way we do business has also changed as a result of technology. Gone are the days of street market bantering, and welcome to the online shopping havoc on social media. With more than billions of people on the planet shopping online and using technology to consume products and services, it is no doubt that technology changed many business components such as marketing, customer service, and sales.

Marketing, in particular, has changed from its traditional format to a more digital format. It is not only the tools of marketing that have changed as a result of technology. From the utilization of automation backup software for businesses to customer relationship management integrations, the scale of technology is only yet to uncover. Marketers have to take note of how consumers react to the changes in technological software and how their behavior also changed as a result of technology. 

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Technology Made People Crave Personalization 

The whole world is connected through the internet. Everyone is on social media and all eyes are on the brands and how they conduct business. With an oversaturation of products and services, people are starting to crave things other than simply the product or service itself. It is reported that businesses that pay attention to personalizing their products and services have more success with their customers than businesses that do not care about personalization. Technology has made connecting with brands and customers so much mor easier. So with the ease, there is an immediate pressure for businesses to utilize this opportunity to personalize and be there for consumer needs

Consumer Centrisim Made Easier

Similar to the personalization of products and services, technology has also made the world of business take a more customer-centric approach. Especially when it concerns one’s marketing. Customer-centric means we envision the needs of customers. We prioritize the customer over the business and we perform according to their perception, hoping to exceed their expectations. It also means businesses use technology to streamline their marketing, customer service, communication, manufacturing, designing, labeling, and all of the processes to cater to the needs of the customer and cultivate customer lifetime value. 

Data Is Necessary 

Data is necessary. Technology has made it easier for us to access data, manage data and develop insights from data. Data has changed the way we carry out marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and generate leads, target customers and so many more. Without data, a lot of businesses cannot strategize ahead, remain competitive and relevant to the customer. Data also tells us exactly what the world perceives and what they think of your brand. A marketer does become easy with the help of data but they also have the need to apply this data to deliver results and profit for the company. 

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