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The Effect Of Social Media On Digital Marketing

The internet has become the biggest platform for people to communicate everywhere in the world through the use of social media. The invention of Facebook has caused more social media applications to be created with each application offering unique features that we see on Facebook today. Although some social media share the similar features, they have features that would make themselves better than their competitors. For example, TikTok and Instagram may functionally work the same as users are able to post videos and pictures, but TikTok allows more creative freedom that allows users to create unique content of their own. Consequently, it could also lead to many social media users to hate TikTok due to the majority of the users being youths who would create videos following a trend which demotes creativity of the community.

Besides that, prolonged usage of social media causes users to see more advertisements in every social media platform especially by brands that are related to their most recent search on Google. This is because the algorithm detects their last search keywords and floods their social media with products and brands related to those keywords. This is what made social marketing companies important for business companies as they are responsible to make their clients become more noticeable in social media platforms. Because of that, online advertisements are more effective in advertising in traditional media as not only because it is faster to spread their advertisements throughout the internet, it is also because it’s a cheaper alternative and a better platform to promote products and campaigns. With so many social marketing companies in the world, it can be very confusing to find a company to kickstart your business, which company will suit your business?

Shock Media Studio is a famous social marketing services malaysia that offers an all-round service for companies to learn about social marketing while assisting in developing their business by using strategies that suit their business. From search engine optimization and retargeting to web design and FB marketing, Shock Media Studio provides a wide variety of services that will ensure that their clients are able to develop their business appropriately while making a name for themselves. Asides that, Jumix Design can help you to create eye-catching advertisements, brandings and web designs. One of their major clients is Moonton who is a game developer for the famous mobile MOBA game, Mobile Legends. They helped in designing and planning for their campaign that would travel across multiple states in Malaysia. If that is not enough, then you might be interested in iTech 47 that specializes in web redesign, user experience design and website development along with other digital marketing services.

Other than the three companies mentioned above, there are many other companies that have their own specialization. Although it is good to trust companies that provide a lot of services, it is better to look for companies that have less services as they are more experienced in that particular aspect of their services than others.

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