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The high time pressure and the high prices when choosing and buying a property such as a ttdi house for sale, unfortunately also attract many black sheep, who cavort on reputable property portals. The ttdi apartment is the best choice in this case. A first indication of this is an offer price that is exceptionally good. Always keep in mind that when demand is high, nobody has anything to give away. Here you will find the most important indications for a dubious provider summarized:

  • Noticeably low offer price
  • Incomplete description of the offer (e.g. missing energy certificate)
  • Contradiction between the pictures and the description of the property
  • Images that only show parts of the object
  • Inappropriate time pressure
  • Visiting appointments subject to charge
  • Payment requests to foreign accounts
  • Provider was often renamed

At first glance, reputable providers can cause you a lot of trouble later, which you can already avoid when choosing the property. It is at least about the purchase process. In addition, it is also about the execution and condition of the property itself. Here it makes a big difference whether you have an existing property or a new building on the shortlist.

The Existing Properties for You

In the case of existing properties, the house for sale ttdi, that the provider sells can be checked immediately. You should definitely do this with a building expert, despite the relatively high costs of around 120-150 € per hour. The costs of an undiscovered need for renovation can be many times higher. Also keep in mind that the need for renovation counts as ancillary costs and thus affects your maximum purchase price of the property. 

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You can find more information on this in the following entry:

With new buildings the risk for you is higher, as the object initially only exists on paper and it is difficult for you to recognize possible pitfalls. It is all the more important to check the provider in advance. After all, you will have to deal with it for a few years during the construction phase and the warranty period. Also check what is included in the quoted price. 

Property developers usually offer the property on a turnkey basis, so that you have a certain degree of planning security for the costs. But there are also providers who only offer a coordination service and the actual costs only become transparent when the trades are commissioned later. Without prior and complete cost transparency, planning uncertainty arises, which you should definitely avoid when choosing the property. For more articles like this one, click here.

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