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Every new advancement in the field of science and technology and every new invention is an interesting phenomenon for the human beings and they want to make a full utilization of it. However, with the passage of time, the use of the scientific gadgets, electrical instruments and screens become an addiction leading to many socio-psychological problems in the society. There are many writers who have written large pieces of opinion on TV addiction before the invention of social media. It is because with the invention of TV, many commercial activities were transformed on television where advertisement and all its forms were applied to keep the masses engaged no TV for as many hours as possible. Psychologists were employed and their advice was sought in this regard as to what could grab the attention of the audience and there were large studies by many media schools as to how the audience could be gained and retained. Thus, the commercial interests of large capitalists made TV an addiction for hundreds of thousands of people and many people found it hard to avoid it for multiple hours in a day. There are people even today who cannot avoid television for some reason. Many people love watching it for the purpose of getting information and others watch it to get best cooking recipes from morning shows. However, there are others who watch it for the purpose of entertainment only. There are still others who watch to remain updated on the sports.

960x0 1 - What do you prefer watching TV or Scuba Diving?

There are definitely positive and negative aspects of every new scientific invention. However, if you feel that you are badly addicted to television and that it is eating up much of your time and turning your mind lazy, we have a solution for you. Physical exercise is always a better option and you must opt for some physical exercise that freshens your mind and becomes the cause release of happy hormones. Scuba diving is one such activity that can prove very productive if you are addicted to your bed room television set. We assure you that this would be a better choice where you can interact with many people on the scuba diving islands, make new friends, observe new cultures and have fun in somewhat in a different way. Malaysian scuba diving islands these days are gaining popularity for the same reason and there are scuba packages malaysia offered to everyone who is interested. You must visit the scuba diving islands once if you are from Malaysia. Even if you are a foreigner, the scuba diving islands are waiting for you and offer you the best open water course and scuba diving packages at reasonable prices. If you love your life and love to stay active, energetic and full of life, take a decision now before it is too late because all the bad habits are doomed to limit you to your bed one day and make you a bed-ridden patient. The choice is yours! 

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