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Maintaining Internet Connectivity in the Automation Industry

In the modern era of industrial automation, a growing number of factories are relying on the connectedness of their devices and machines. It is crucial to achieve this mutualistic relationship between them because the effectiveness of the whole production line is relying on both of their synchronizations. That is why factories will need to ensure their connectivity capabilities. There are several ways to establish such stable connectivity, those methods are as follows:

svd - Maintaining Internet Connectivity in the Automation Industry
  1. Check your internet provider

The first and most basic step to do is to contact your internet provider and ask the bandwidth that you have subscribed on. If it is already 1Gbps above and it is still lagging and unreliable, you should immediately contact your internet provider and check if there is trouble with your internet. If they did not find one and it is still lagging, it is time for you to change your internet provider. It is recommended to ask around your factory region for the best internet provider company 

  1. Check your internet hardware

The second thing to ensure is to have internet hardware that is suitable for your factory’s needs. If you need to have a high-speed internet in your factory, it is recommended to use fiber optic hardware. This is due to the fiber optic’s compatibility to the latest 5G technology and it provides the factory owners peace of mind because they do not have to change the hardware frequently and it provides them with high-speed connectivity with minimal troubleshoot issues. To find out which internet hardware that is suitable for your factory connectivity you can look into Moxa products Malaysia and search for best Moxa products Malaysia. For further information regarding this product, you can read more on Moxa products Malaysia.

  1. Check your connectivity flow arrangement

Another thing that factory owners can do to ensure smooth connectivity is to make sure that the connectivity flow arrangement is efficient and systematic. This arrangement is the flow on how the automated machines connect to the wifi routers and later on connect to the PC or laptops of the factory workers. There is several evidence that shows some factories do not function properly because the flow of information is not efficient and therefore, pinging unnecessary devices before reaching the factory workers’ PC or laptops. This is why it is important to simplify the flow and make it more efficient. 

In conclusion, internet connectivity is very important in the current technological era. There are numerous fields of work that rely on connectivity especially those who are in the automation business. The machinery that they have depends on the speed of information transfer from the ones that provides the command to the machineries’ signal receiver. The writer has listed several aspects that may ensure the speediness of this information transfer, however, there are still several elements out there that affect the speed (such as weather, temperature, infrastructure design and many more). It will be up to the factory owners to ensure whether or not a speedy information transfer occurs within their machineries and their command devices (i.e. laptops and PCs). 

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