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   In our current mobile addictions in the global pandemic era, many businesses see the opportunities to be in the mobile application development providing delivery services around Malaysia. Since it has become a demand to request and online shopping through mobile applications, that made delivery services become an important role in our life. But there are so many different types of delivery services available in our country that people do not know. Therefore, I am going to share with you some of the delivery services I know that are available and might be useful for you guys in the future. 

   The first local delivery service that is obvious and very common to everyone is the package delivery you shopped online or the stuff you got from people. The examples of this delivery service are like Poslaju, J&T express and etc. It is a service where everyone can utilize it by just going to their buildings and follow the process needed including weighting the stuff you would to send to other people to determine the price that you will need to pay and they will do the delivery for you. It is very convenient in so many ways. Even for the things you bought online, they will wait for the package to arrive and send it to you directly based on the address you provided. 

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   Another local delivery service that is also typical to everyone is food delivery. In terms of our situation currently, the demand of getting food delivery services increased to the point we can see a lot of people even the ones who work for a company would do this work as a part time job. Some of the food delivery that is available in our country, are Mcdonalds, Foodpanda, Grab and etc. 

   Last but not least, is the grocery delivery. This is not common for people because this delivery is still quite new and it got high requests since the global pandemic lockdown forced everyone to stay home. People get really paranoid to go out and buy groceries because the risk of getting infected with strangers is high compared to getting delivery at the house. Some of the malls that provide this delivery service are Aeon, Tesco, OnGrocer and etc. Sometimes, people would be really worried about how to get their groceries, especially vegetables, because they would like to cook, but luckily there are some online local vegetable delivery Malaysia that they are able to find through malls and the Internet.

   In conclusion,  we are so lucky to be able to live in a country like Malaysia that provides so many opportunities and offers these delivery services for us, just so that we could live normally and get sufficient desires, especially during this global pandemic. These services open up opportunities for people who do not have qualifications and as well to those who would like to make extra income in their lives. Not to forget, it eases us in ways we do not have to out and buy or get our packages from outside of our houses. Read a lot of interesting articles on jerit pekik.

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