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Are you a fan of Nutella and Cadbury?

Has someone given you a glare of good dissatisfaction and a look of disappointment straight on your face whenever you have them in your mouth? Well, let’s be real. Who doesn’t love these two chocolate! But why the glare? Eat chocolate and not some exotic beasts from a faraway land! It’s because both of these products contain a high amount of palm oil in its processing.

nc 1 - Palm Oil Controversies You Need To Know

To tell you the truth, there are myriad of controversies which have been going on around palm oil lately. The first one being the ethical issues pertaining to its production as it awfully affects the wildlife ecosystem and its communities. Some of the well-known countries that are actively promoting, selling ad growing these plants are Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

This is due to the fact that the land which used to grow the plantations back in the days was once a forest. The countries being mentioned have tropical weather all year long and is suitable for palm oil plantations. The drastic changes of landscape, from forest to crops, and to destructed land due to deforestation are definitely frustrating for the wildlife.

The aforementioned countries, Indonesia especially, have been giving out a lot of carbon dioxide due to heavy deforestation for the palm oil plantation. The balanced diversity and food chains are later being disrupted and this cause the endangered animals to flee from their habitats to human places and later find themselves dying due to not being able to adapt in the new environment. They are in danger of extinction as their habitats are lost to the damn humans. Some palm oil is bad for your liver, aside from some meat too. Read a blog about to find out more about them.

The Farmworkers

Not just animals, but the farmworkers who put their sweat and blood in line for the plantations have also reported being paid with low wages. This human rights violation definitely lowered the quality of life at its best.
All in all, there are many controversies revolving around palm oil since the day it was first introduced. If you are thinking to buy organic fertiliser in Malaysia knowing its a palm oil-based products, you might want to reconsider your thoughts. Beli baja organik di Malaysia and everything will ease your palm oil industry!

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